Farah Kamaleddine: “Women stand at the core of making a difference, particularly in the water sector. Our presence is indispensable!”, at the 6th Arab Water Week in Amman. 

The Arab Water Week (AWW) is an international biennial assembly that attracts decision-makers, water management practitioners, and professional organizations of the Arab region,  a unique opportunity for the water and wastewater management community. The 6th edition of the conference took place between the 5th and the 9th of March 2023 in Amman, Jordan, hosting more than 500 participants and delegations from approximately 35 countries.

At the conference, American University of Beirut student Farah Kamaleddine shed light on the potential of nature-based solutions to purify wastewater, mitigate economic meltdowns, and reduce possible pollution risks. During her research in the MAGO Prima framework, she uses phytoremediation to treat wastewater by growing Azolla Pinnata in wastewater ponds, a promising sustainable and economical method that can increase water availability to farmers in times of water shortage.