We are thrilled to extend an invitation to the upcoming webinar, "Sharing Series - 3: Tapping on the Potential of Azolla Pinnata in Purifying Wastewater," organized by MAGO Prima partners, including the American University of Beirut, Faculty of Agricultural & Food Sciences, MetaMeta Anatolia, and Cetaqua. This informative session aims to delve into the fascinating process by which Azolla absorbs nitrogen, phosphorus, and other pollutants, leading to a significant reduction in their concentration.

Date: Tuesday, June 20th Time: 15:00 - 16:30 EEST Location: Online

Webinar Highlights:

  1. Understanding the Science Behind Azolla's Wastewater Purification: Explore the scientific principles behind Azolla's remarkable ability to purify wastewater. Gain insights into the mechanisms through which Azolla absorbs and mitigates pollutants, contributing to enhanced water quality.

  2. Exploring the Versatility and Adaptability of Azolla: Uncover the versatility of Azolla as a natural solution for wastewater treatment. Learn about its adaptability to various water conditions and how it can be implemented in diverse contexts.

  3. Showcasing Lebanon Case Studies: Get inspired by real-life case studies from Lebanon that demonstrate the successful application of Azolla in wastewater purification. Discover the tangible benefits and positive impact it has had on local water resources.

  4. Practical Tips for Implementing Azolla-based Systems: Acquire practical knowledge and tips for integrating Azolla-based systems into existing wastewater treatment processes. Learn about the potential synergies and benefits of incorporating Azolla into sustainable water management strategies.

  5. Engage with Our Panel of Experts: Participate in an interactive Q&A session with our esteemed panel of experts. Seize the opportunity to seek clarifications, share insights, and expand your understanding of Azolla's potential in wastewater purification.

Registration & Agenda:

To secure your spot and access the detailed agenda for the webinar, please visit bit.ly/MWebss3. Don't miss this chance to explore the fascinating world of Azolla and its transformative impact on wastewater treatment.

Note: The webinar will be conducted in English.