Mark your calendars! The upcoming "Nexus Regional Forum of Stakeholders" is scheduled to take place from September 27th to 29th, 2023 in Split, Croatia. This gathering will bring the WEFE nexus community together to address challenges, exchange experiences, and promote mutual learning between practitioners and policymakers. 

Over the past decade, Europe has seen significant nexus research, yet implementing these insights remains a challenge. This forum aims to bridge the gap between research and practical application. 


  • Day 1: Pre-forum – Implementation and use of innovative WEFE nexus-related tools organised with NEXOGENESIS
  • Day 2: Nexus Regional Forum of Stakeholders – From nexus thinking to nexus implementation in South Europe and beyond – Mutual learning between practitioners and policymakers organised by NexusNet Cost Action
  • Day 3: Mentoring events and workshops organised with EJWP and iMERMAID

Collaboration for Impact

This multi-event is organised by NEXUSNET COST Action in collaboration with NEXOGENESIS, EJWP as well as iMERMAID and with the participation of BIONEXT, Retouch Nexus, Rexus, MAGO and ARSINOE.

You can participate online or join us in person at the Faculty of Economics, Business, and Tourism, University of Split, Croatia. 

Full Agenda and Registration