In a presentation at the MedGU-23 taking place from the 26th to the 30th of November 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey, Albert Serra Compte from Cetaqua shared valuable insights into one of the most significant outcomes of the MAGO project—the Mago Water Quality Monitoring Tool. This tool, leveraging EO-Browser for remote sensing, aims to advance the evaluation of water quality parameters through satellite monitoring.

The presentation highlighted the adaptable nature of the MAGO tool, simplifying the utilization of satellite data for water quality monitoring. Tailored for potential end-users such as water managers and operators, the tool offers practical solutions for understanding and managing water quality.

During the session, two practical applications of the Mago tool were showcased. The tool demonstrated its effectiveness in monitoring chlorophyll-a and phycocyanin in a dam in Spain, illustrating its versatility across different water bodies. Another application focused on monitoring chlorophyll-a in an irrigation pond, emphasizing the tool's utility in diverse scenarios.

Learn more about the Mago Water Quality Monitoring Tool here.