Farah Kamaleddine's work on utilizing Azolla pinatta for wastewater purification in Lebanon has earned her the prestigious Ali Nehme Nesr Award By emphasizing the concept of wastewater as a valuable, non-conventional water resource rather than a mere byproduct, Kamaleddine's project tackles the pressing global challenges of water scarcity and pollution. Her focus on phytoremediation demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to environmental issues, highlighting the importance of sustainable solutions.

The Ali Nehme Nesr Student Award highlights the importance of research within the nexus, encouraging innovation across various disciplines in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS) of the American University of Beirut. Kamaleddine's success is not only a personal achievement but also underscores the vital role of MAGO’s research in water management in the Mediterranean Region. By promoting affordable technologies, her work aims to enhance the performance and resilience of water systems, contributing to sustainable agriculture in the Mediterranean Region.