Excitement is building for the upcoming Innovent Forum 2024, where technology enthusiasts and professionals gather to explore and discuss innovative products and services shaping our societal landscape. The two-day event, set for February 9th and 10th, 2024, will take place at JOIST Innovation Park in Larissa and online, offering a hybrid experience for attendees.

The MAGO Prima team is thrilled to be a part of this dynamic forum, showcasing their remote sensing solutions at a dedicated booth. Among the featured innovations is the MAGO cropmaps, an open-source Python library developed by UTH-NTUA. This tool allows users to perform crop type classification using multispectral Sentinel-2 data and has undergone testing in Spain and Tunisia, in collaboration with partners such as CETAQUA and INRGREF.

Another notable solution is the Mago Water Monitoring tool, a free software designed to estimate water quality parameters in lakes, reservoirs, and irrigation ponds using Sentinel-2 satellite images. Developed by CETAQUA, this tool has been tested in Spain, Tunisia, and Turkey, in collaboration with partners like INRGREF and MetaMeta Anatolia.

The second day of the event will feature a roundtable discussion on Energy & Environment. Rania Bou Said from AUB - Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences FAFSwill present "MAGO Prima: A Participatory-Based Approach to Co-design Technological Solutions". The roundtable discussion will be coordinated by Giannis Adamos, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki.

The Innovent Forum promises a diverse agenda, including parallel events, live demonstrations, and ample networking opportunities.

Event Details:

Co-organizer: University of Thessaly