In early February, MAGO PRIMA celebrated a workshop at Cetaqua Barcelona with various stakeholders involved in the Gavà case study (Barcelona, Spain). The purpose was to share progress and discuss climate resilience in the reuse system. This event brought together key stakeholders to encourage them to play an active role in the implementation and development of the Gavà-Viladecans regenerated water system. CETAQUA, AB, AMB, CSIC-IDAEA, Parc Agrari Baix Llobregat, and ADV (Plant Defense Groups) were the entities that participated in this workshop.

During this fruitful meeting, attendees had the opportunity to identify and discuss solutions to adapt to climate change, allowing for sustainable management of reused water. This was done following risk management plan principles and considering farmers' perspectives. Likewise, the progress obtained in the case study was presented during the day, and the analytical and modeling results of the project were explained.