MAGO Prima had a significant presence at Innovent Forum 2024, showcasing innovative solutions and fostering engaging discussions across two days. The event took place on the 9th and 10th of February 2024 at JOIST Park, Larissa, Greece and featured 25 exhibitors and high-level guests on the state level, including ministers and regional authorities.

Day One: Focus on Remote Sensing Solutions

Attendees had the opportunity to explore MAGO Prima's dedicated booth on the first day, where our Remote Sensing Solutions, developed by Civil Engineering - University of Thessaly and Cetaqua - Water Technology Centre, were presented. The booth attracted attention of Greece's Minister of Digital Governance, Dimitris Papastergiou, the Deputy Minister of Development Maximos Senetakis and the Dean of the University of Thessaly, Charalambos Billinis.

Researcher Alexandros Falagas, representing Civil Engineering - University of Thessaly, shared valuable insights into MAGO cropmaps, a Python library for crop classification using Sentinel-2 data, and the MAGO Water Quality Tool.


Day Two: Energy & Environment

On day two during the 'Energy and Environment' roundtable, Rania Bou Said, MAGO Prima's Lead Researcher from the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at AUB presented the MAGO Prima Workshop: A Participatory-Based Approach to Co-design Technological Solutions. The discussion, moderated by Giannis Adamos from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, underscored MAGO Prima's commitment to a participatory-based approach in tackling technological challenges.

This two-day event not only highlighted MAGO Prima's dedication to innovation but also emphasized our collaborative efforts in addressing real-world challenges through cutting-edge solutions.