MAGO Prima and MENBO/REMOC/REMOB are thrilled to announce an upcoming webinar scheduled for April 8th, 2024. This webinar promises to be an invaluable resource for scientists, researchers, and professionals in the field of water management as we'll demonstrate a suite of tools designed to enhance sustainable water management practices.

Event Details

Date: April 8th, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CEST)
Location: Online via Zoom platform
Language: Simultaneous translation available in English and French

What to Expect

This webinar will present several open source Web tools aiming to support water managers, irrigating communities, farmers and scientists in the sustainable management of water resources and related decision making in agriculture, in particular in:

enlightened The management of water quality in lakes and irrigation ponds,

enlightenedThe management of agriculture water demand at regional scale, 

enlightenedCoping with climate risk

enlightenedControlling risks of wastewater reuse. 

The following Web tools will be presented and tested during the webinar: 

1.  MAGO Water Monitoring Tool

This solution is intended to help estimate water quality parameters in lakes, reservoirs, and irrigation ponds using Sentinel-2 satellite images. It is meant for water managers, irrigation communities, farmers, and scientists.

2.  MAGO CropMaps and MAGO Senet

These two solutions are intended for scientists and consultants of irrigation communities. MAGO CropMaps is an open source Python library that allows users to perform crop type classification using multispectral Sentinel-2 data.

MAGO Senet is a tool that allows users to assess actual evapotranspiration using multispectral Sentinel-2 data and thermal Sentinel-3 data.

3.  Tools for Climate Risk Assessment: ERA5-Land climate Hourly Data Explorer and Seasonal Climate Forecast Viewer

These tools, freely available, allow the user to easily access seasonal climate forecasts tailored to a specific area and variables of interest. These solutions are intended to water managers, irrigation communities and scientists working on climate risk assessment.

Users can visualize different climate variables for a specific date  on the map, select a pixel on the map to view the resulting graph, and then download the corresponding time series in CSV format, which includes up to one month of hourly data at 9 x 9 km resolution.

4.  ReTo - Water Reuse Risk Management Plans

ReTo is a digital water management solution for the creation of Water Reuse Risk Management Plans for Agriculture.The tool aims to support operators of wastewater and reclamation water treatment plants, managers of risk plans, farmers, administrations, and reclaimed water users.

The tool offers an integrated and straightforward approach to executing the distinct steps required for Water Reuse and Risk Management Plan (WRRMP) creation. The outcome is a pre-set editable document that guides the user in assembling a WRRMP, incorporating information from each step of the tool.


To attend the webinar, please register using the following link:


MENBO is a Regional Network that promotes an integrated water resources management at the river basin level, as an essential tool for sustainable development. It is a regional network inside INBO (International Network of Basin Organisations). MENBO seeks to improve relationships among organisations in charge of water management in the Mediterranean region.

The Regional Network was established in 2003 and is currently adding international members from the Mediterranean region. We hope this Network will grow stronger with the support and collaboration from most of the Mediterranean countries that deal with river basin management.