Our webinar "Open Source Web Tools for Water Managers and Scientists" was held successfully on April 8th, 2024 and marked a significant milestone in our journey, bringing together experts and stakeholders to explore solutions for sustainable water management.

With an engaging turnout of 40+ participants, the event provided a platform to showcase the outcomes and achievements of the MAGO Prima project. Through a series of informative presentations, attendees gained insights into a diverse range of open-source tools aimed at addressing critical challenges in water resource management.

Exploring Innovative Water Management Tools

The session on Tools for Crop Type Mapping and Crop Water Demand: CropMaps and Senet was conducted by Alexandros Falagas, Geospatial Software Developer and Remote Sensing Specialist (UTH). Attendees learned about these innovative tools designed to map crop types and estimate water demand, essential for optimizing irrigation practices and ensuring efficient water use in agriculture.

MAGO CropMaps is an open source Python library that allows users to perform crop type classification using multispectral Sentinel-2 data amd MAGO Senet is a tool that allows users to assess actual evapotranspiration using multispectral Sentinel-2 data and thermal Sentinel-3 data.

Try Cropmaps TRY Senet

The next presentation focused on Tools for Climate Risk Assessment: ERA5-Land climate Hourly Data Explorer and Seasonal Climate Forecast Viewer,  tools for assessing climate risks and their implications on water resources. This session emphasized the importance of understanding and mitigating the impacts of climate change on water availability and quality.

TRY MAGO Seasonal Climate Forecast Viewer

Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to explore ReTo, a digital water management tool for water reuse risk management plans, presented by Albert Serra(CETAQUA). This tool facilitates the development of Water Reuse Risk Management Plans, offering valuable insights for safe and sustainable water reuse practices.

Our ReTo tool offers a host of advantages that streamline water management processes for users. One standout feature is its internet-based functionality, eliminating the need for local data storage and ensuring accessibility. With integrated information and requirements consolidated in a single platform, users can conveniently access all necessary data and tools in one place. Another key advantage is the tool's non-interdependent functionalities, allowing users the flexibility to utilize any combination of features according to their specific needs. Whether using one or all functionalities, users can seamlessly navigate the tool without constraints. Additionally, ReTo enables real-time, simultaneous editing by multiple users from different locations.


Furthermore, Laurent Pouget, MAGO Project Coordinator (CETAQUA) showcased the MAGO Water Quality Monitoring Tool, demonstrating its capabilities in monitoring and managing water quality effectively. This solution is intended to help estimate water quality parameters in lakes, reservoirs, and irrigation ponds using Sentinel-2 satellite images. It is meant for water managers, irrigation communities, farmers, and scientists. 

Our MAGO Water Quality Monitoring Tool stands out for its user-friendly interface, offering a range of advantages to water managers and scientists alike. Notably, it's free and quick to access, providing valuable insights without financial or time constraints. With data spanning from 2017, including 1-2 images every 5 days, users benefit from a comprehensive dataset for informed decision-making. Moreover, the tool incorporates spatial information, enhancing its utility for analyzing water quality trends across different geographic regions.


A Comprehensive Toolbox for Sustainable Water Management

In collaboration with MENBO - Mediterranean Network of Basin Organizations, this webinar aimed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among water managers, irrigation communities, farmers, and scientists. By providing access to open-source web tools, we empower stakeholders to make informed decisions and drive positive change in water management practices.

Our comprehensive solutions toolbox is open-source and easily accessible to all.