Lisode ( is a cooperative consultancy generating leading-edge expertise on participatory processes, especially for the design, implementation and evaluation of multi-stakeholder and public involvement processes for natural resources management. Lisode has designed over 100 participatory processes in more than 20 countries. Lisode’s employees are professional facilitators who have a long experience in facilitating multi-stakeholder processes, in various cultural contexts, in particular in southern countries. Lisode is an accredited training organism which regularly organises vocational training courses in group facilitation and public participation. Lisode have trained over 1000 professionals worldwide, including researchers.

Mathieu DIONNET, is MSc in biology of populations and ecosystems at the University of Geneva and in ecosystems management at the University Paris 7. Founding partner of Lisode, he has a 15 years’ experience in using participatory methods for natural resource management, particularly in rural settings.