Project Objectives

(PO1) Novel participatory processes for better water and innovation governance

Diverging interest between actors and social constraints make water problems particularly challenging. This becomes even more difficult when we acknowledge the consequences of climate change, which necessitate deep changes in production models and consumers habits. The MAGO project allows researcher and end-users, namely (1) farmers, (2) water utility managers, (3) water user associations and (4) local authorities/regulators, to define common goals and acceptable solutions in a two-level approach based on Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Platforms (MSDP) and Living Labs.


(PO2) Enhanced monitoring and modelling solutions for better water use efficiency and soil conservation

Solutions optimizing water productivity, water-energy efficiency and soil storage capacity are key to developing sustainable crop production systems that are resilient to the effects of climate change.


(PO3) Improved planning and operation of wastewater reuse systems in agriculture

The recycling of urban wastewater is a key IWRM solution to the urgent problems of food and clean water, and can deliver simultaneous benefits to farmers, cities and natural environmental systems


(PO4) Provision of new solutions for Global Change adaptation

There are still significant gaps between climate-related data and the ones needed to make operational and planning decisions.


(PO5) Novel collaborative platform to deliver WEb applications for MEDiterranean region (WEMED)

Data revolution opens a great opportunity to create affordable solutions to huge, previously overlooked market needs. MAGO promotes open innovation to deliver free and marketable web apps.