Understanding the science behind Azolla's waste water purification.

Azolla-based Systems

The MAGO Prima webinar: Sharing Series - 3 'Tapping on the Potential of Azolla Pinnata in Purifying Wastewater' organized by MAGO Prima partners American University of Beirut, Faculty of Agricultural & Food Sciences, MetaMeta Anatolia, Cetaqua took place on Tuesday, June 20th and explores the process by which Azolla absorbs nitrogen, phosphorus, and other pollutants, resulting in a significant reduction in their concentration. Webinar Highlights:

­čî▒Understanding the science behind Azolla's waste water purification.

­čî▒Exploring the versatility and adaptability of Azolla in different water conditions.

­čî▒Showcasing Lebanon case studies that highlight the effectiveness of Azolla.

­čî▒Providing practical tips on incorporating Azolla-based systems into existing waste water treatment processes.

­čî▒Engaging in a Q&A session with our panel of experts.