MAGO Vision

Food security and water management in the Mediterranean Region are challenged by reduced water availability due to climate change, directly affecting agricultural production, and the increasing population, stressing the demand for water and food. While compelling technologies exist to improve the performance and resilience of water systems, progress has been slow in practice. One major difficulty is the disconnection between research results with real market needs and end-users demand.

The MAGO project will make this connection by addressing some key barriers to innovation diffusion and adoption (e.g. social and political issues, need for affordable solutions, capacity building and new business models). MAGO will demonstrate novel solutions to enhance integrated water resources management (IWRM) for a sustainable agriculture in the Mediterranean Region. These solutions will boost water use efficiency in agriculture, the use of alternative water resources and climate change adaptation (CCA). They will be demonstrated in Tunisia, Spain, France and Lebanon. These solutions will build upon (1) a novel participatory approach with end-users and stakeholders and (2) a new online collaborative platform.