Web Applications

The rise of technology has made information flow faster than ever. The shift to a culture of collaboration has become the most efficient approach to find, process, and distribute information to end-users. 

MAGO will build the WEMED platform to
-    share and adapt key research results for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) that are currently unknown or hard to use by innovators, such as models and open-source processing tools, as well as recent data sources covering all the Mediterranean Region (e.g. H-SAF data, Copernicus C3S and DIAS).
-    facilitate the development and delivery of web applications in collaboration with SMEs, start-ups, and innovators under the value proposition “learn faster, code faster and exploit faster”. The design of all the applications follows agile and flexible development cycles based on feedback from end-users. 

Water efficiency and soil conservation solutions 
New solutions consist of the improvement of existing software solutions (namely Optirrig from INRAE for generation, IGS from the SME EZZAYRA, and SRB from AGBAR), development of APIs and web-app based on satellite monitoring for crop mapping, crop water demand assessment, and control of illegal abstraction for irrigation as well as new comprehensive solutions for water management (coupling of IGS, Optirrig model, Water Evaluation and Planning System (WEAP).

Wastewater reuse solutions 
Different solutions are proposed for the implementation of the Sanitation Safety Plan Tool (SSP-RA) for cost-efficient management of risk by farmers, water utility managers, and regulators. One of these is an interactive web map providing up-to-date information and forecasts to make better day-to-day decisions on irrigation and water infrastructures management.

Climate adaptation solutions 
Different applications will be developed such as the satellite monitoring of surface water quality used for irrigation, land suitability evaluation to produce a specific agricultural crop in the climate change context, and operational solutions based on seasonal climate forecasts.